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-Domain Registration with chosen name, as long as name is available.
-Hosting of the website for a 12 month period with WordPress site
-Much more detailed content availability and access to site by approved personnel.
-Changeability of WordPress Themes (limited to free themes available); additional and expanded themes are available.
-Up to 5 Private personalized e-mail address at the domain name (ex:  carleen@carleenlucas.com)
-Up to 10 pages on site
-Posting via blog style input to site with comments available for interaction with clients, fans, etc.
-Linking to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles.
-Unlimited Storage of photos
-Unlimited Storage of videos including demo reels
-IMDB set up (does not include monthly imdb pro fee or account)
-imdb rss feed supply with WordPress package.
-up to  pages on the website including “Home”, “Gallery”, “Video”, “Bio/Resume” and “Contact”
-maintenance of the page for the 12 months including all applicable updates
-2 free site updates per month, additional updates (extra pictures, revisions to bio/resume, etc. past 2 updates are $10 per request)
COST:  $200/yr (includes domain registration fee)


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